As an experienced teacher, Audrina believes in studio voice instruction that incorporates elements of healthy/ efficient vocal production such as posture, breath management, and balanced phonation resulting in healthy efficient tone.  In addition, the student will gain knowledge and further comfort regarding diction, musicianship, music reading, and interpretation.  Learning about music in the studio also impacts other facets of life including physicality, confidence, linguistic skills and communication skills among others.  Finally, she believes that anyone can learn to sing efficiently and effectively if given both the opportunity and instruction from a knowledgeable, caring teacher.  In addition to her MMus 2011 in Voice Performance and Pedagogy, Audrina is a Member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing and is currently a trainee with Andover Educators (Body Mapping).  Audrina is accepting students of all backgrounds and ages.




Audrina Steciw




Home Studio at 233 Stirling AB and Uleth Conservatory of Music


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